If you have made the decision to adopt a child, domestically or internationally, it is wise to seek the legal advice of an experienced Texas baby adoption lawyer such as Deborah L.Thompson, Attorney at Law. The adoption process is very complex and can become overwhelming without the representation of our skilled family law attorney.

Types of Baby Adoptions

In Texas, you may adopt a child domestically or internationally through a private adoption process or use an adoption agency to facilitate the search for an adoptive child. In both situations, Deborah L.Thompson, Attorney at Law can help you through the adoption process and work to ensure that any issues are quickly resolved.

Domestic Adoptions

Prospective parents in the United States are permitted to adopt a child within their state or throughout the country. Wherever the child is adopted from, there are very specific law governing the adoption process, and our experienced family law attorney can show you the legal path to a successful adoption.

Private Adoptions

If you choose to privately adopt a child, you must locate a mother willing to give her child up for adoption. Although your attorney can help you in the adoption process, Texas family law attorneys are not permitted to locate a birth mother for you.

Adoption Agencies

When working with an adoption agency, you will apply to be a prospective parent and wait for the agency to notify you that you have been chosen. Following the notification, the agency will locate the birth mother and make all the necessary arrangements.

Foreign Adoptions

It is also possible to adopt children from outside of the United States. However, there are specific legal actions to be taken—before and after the adoption is completed—to ensure the adoption is recognized by international, state, and county governments. Before you begin the process, it is critical to have information about the child’s country of origin and to consult with Deborah L.Thompson, Attorney at Law. She will guide you through the process and work with you to draft and complete the proper paperwork.

If you are considering the prospect of adopting a child, contact our domestic and foreign adoption lawyer Deborah L.Thompson, Attorney at Law. She has the experience, skills, and knowledge to help you work toward a successful adoption.

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