International adoptions, infants or older children, can be extremely complex. Deborah L. Thompson, Attorney at Law has extensive experience in dealing with the myriad laws that affect the successful completion of an international adoption.


International adoptions in Texas are governed by numerous laws and statutes. These can include:

  • Texas law
  • Texas county law
  • United States law
  • International adoption law
  • Any applicable international treaties
  • The law of the country from which the child originates
  • Country of adoption
  • Status of the child within that country
  • Individual judge’s requirements.

All of these factors can affect the legal status of your new child with United States immigration authorities, and the laws governing international adoptions are constantly changing.


After completing the adoption process, you must have your new child readopted or reaffirmed. Readoption is more complex than reaffirmation, and Attorney Thompson can help determine the right step for your family’s situation. Both allow you to obtain a US-issued birth certificate and ease the way for a name change, if desired. It is always a good idea to solidify your new child’s legal standing as much as possible.

When considering an infant adoption or an adoption of an older child from outside the country, Attorney Thompson understands the stresses and worries that adoptive parents go through while waiting for their adoptions to be completed. Because family matters, contact experienced Houston, Texas family law attorney Deborah L. Thompson to discuss your adoption case.

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