Whether you are an individual with significant assets or a company with substantial business assets, it is important to protect them in case of a divorce. Items acquired prior to the marriage such as real estate, business interests, and inheritance as well as inheritance and gifts acquired during the marriage are protected by law as separate property. However, it is important to ensure the protection of assets in a divorce by taking proactive steps include a consultation with a skilled Houston divorce attorney.

When you need secured divorce asset protection, our experienced family law lawyer Deborah L.Thompson, Attorney at Law can show you how pre- and post-marital agreements can prevent your assets from being divided.

Prenuptial Agreements

A “prenup” is a document drawn up before you and your future spouse are married that specifically outlines which assets and debts are solely yours. In case of a future divorce, the state of Texas’ prenuptial agreements are used in court to determine which assets are community property and can be divided between the two parties. When a business is involved, a premarital agreement protects the business and the individual’s portion of the business.

Post-marital Agreements

A post-marital agreement is much like the prenuptial agreement in the state of Texas except that the couple decides the division of assets after the wedding and, usually, some time into the marriage. The structure enables the couple to secure their individual assets and protect them from division if a divorce arises.

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