When you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse cannot agree to the terms of your divorce decree, this is considered a contested divorce. Although a contested divorce seems like it could lead to a lengthy, complicated process, our experienced Houston, Texas family law attorney can guide you through alternative options designed to avoid trials and work out your differences amicably. These include mediation and collaborative law.


The process of mediation is a meeting where you and your spouse will each be represented by your respective attorneys. A mediator—attorney who doesn’t represent either party—will discuss your divorce issues, and a settlement may be reached. If a settlement is reached, divorce forms including the Divorce Decree will be drafted and signed before you leave the mediation. If the issues cannot be settled, your divorce proceedings may be taken to trial.

Collaborative Law

In the collaborative law method, you, your spouse, and your attorneys will meet to work out the agreement and draw up divorce forms. To ensure that all of the issues are thoroughly covered, there may be a series of meetings. If an agreement cannot be reached, you and your spouse will each need to obtain outside counsel to represent you at trial.

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