Although all couples entering into a marriage are set into a life-long agreement, many marriages today unfortunately end in martial separation, or divorce. Individuals who own a large estate or hold many assets may choose to draw up a marital separation agreement either before (premarital) or during the marriage (post-marital).

Premarital Agreements

If a couple chooses to get a divorce, the separation may cause contestation based on the division of property and assets. A premarital agreement can prevent this by providing control of the division of your estate during amicable circumstances.

The “prenup” is a written record of assets and debts of each spouse at the time of the marriage that can be presented to a divorce judge as indisputable proof of the spouse’s property. Having a premarital agreement in place before the marriage can save you money, time, and stress should a divorce be necessary in the future.

Post-Marital Separation Agreements

A post-marital agreement, also called a “partition agreement,” divides the married couple’s community estate into two separate estates. All of the assets and debts of the couple are identified and separated based upon their wishes, and a judge may not divide the spouse’s separate property in the event of a divorce. There is no time constraint as to when a married couple can create a post-marital separation agreement, and the effects of the document are much the same as the premarital agreement.

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