There are many issues that arise in a divorce in which one or both spouses are members of the military. Deborah L. Thompson, Attorney at Law, is an experienced military divorce lawyer who will fight for the best possible outcome for your military divorce.

Unique Stresses of Military Marriage

Military divorces are all too common. The anxieties of living apart for long periods of time, being confronted with the possibility of immediate deployment or transfer, or adjusting to the return of a long-absent spouse can all take their toll on the healthiness of a marriage. In addition, long stretches of separation can increase the desire for and occurrence of infidelity.

Common Issues with Military Divorce

Lawyers must contend with a number of unique issues common to military divorces. In Houston, TX, divorce issues for military personnel or their spouses can include:

  • Jurisdiction:Military personnel move often, and the court must consider whether it is the right jurisdiction
  • Child support: In Houston divorces, child support is determined primarily by income. Combat or other such enhancements in military salary can greatly alter child support payments. Our experienced military divorce lawyer Deborah L. Thompson can make sure you aren’t receiving less than your fair share.
  • Visitation rights: Military personnel often have to deal with inflexible schedules. This can make regular visitation difficult. Attorney Thompson will work diligently to secure an arrangement that does fit with your schedule and will still meet the court’s requirements.
  • Military benefits and pensions: While these are considered as part of the property division settlement, there are numerous specific laws which govern the amount of pensions or benefits to which former spouses are entitled.

These are just some of the important thing to think about when confronting a military divorce.

No divorce is easy, emotionally or legally. Military divorces possess distinct challenges; Deborah L. Thompson, Attorney at Law, has the experience and perseverance to meet these challenges head-on. Contact Deborah L. Thompson, Attorney at Law for the legal advice and representation for your Houston, Texas military divorce.

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