If you are considering the adoption of a child but do not want the assistance of an adoption agency, a private adoption may be in your future. A private adoption is arranged between birth parents and adoptive parents without the help of an adoption agency. As with other types of adoptions, a petition must be filed to adopt the child and many of the same procedures must be completed.

In Houston, Texas, adoptions—both private and agency-based—should be overseen by an experienced family law attorney such as Deborah L.Thompson, Attorney at Law to ensure the process is done as easily as possible.

Attorney’s Role

While adoption agencies handle much of the paperwork and legal portions of their adoptions in conjunction with your Texas adoption attorney, private adoptions especially require the legal expertise of your family law lawyer. Deborah L.Thompson, Attorney at Law has the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to legally handle your private adoption. As part of her legal services, Attorney Thompson will:

  • Ensure the child is available for adoption
  • Notify necessary parties about the adoption
  • Prepare legal documents to be signed by the birth parents
  • File the law suit needed to terminate parental right of the biological parents
  • Arrange for a new birth certificate to be issued
  • Guide you through the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (if adopting a child outside the state)

Contact Deborah L.Thompson, Attorney at Law for the legal advice and representation you need for your private Texas adoption.

Attorney Thompson Is Here for You

When you are looking to privately adopt a child in Houston, Texas, be sure to consult with a skilled family law attorney. Deborah L.Thompson, Attorney at Law has been representing private adoption cases in Houston, Texas for over 13 years, and she is ready and willing to help you expand your family. Contact Attorney Thompson today to discuss your adoption plans with our family law lawyer.

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